Monday, February 28, 2011

A prayer book

As our Prayer List page grows, I'd begun to think about how I could better keep up with specific prayers in a more personal way. Plus, I wanted to be able to pray without sitting in front of my computer. The answer: a prayer book.

As a writer, I'm sometimes given empty journals. Through the years, I've picked up a few myself. So I had plenty from which to choose! So I pulled down my stack of books from a closet shelf and looked through them. I liked this pink book the best. This morning, I finally sat down with our Prayer List and opened the book.

So far, we have 12 hurting people (and their family members) on our Prayer List page. Now each of you have your own page in this book. In honor of my original three mothers, I wrote each of your names on the first three pages. One of those moms is #1 on our Prayer List page. Whenever someone writes and asks for prayer, I will now include that person on the Prayer List and in this prayer book. I'm writing the person's name (or "Anonymous"), city (when given) and date of the prayer request. Plus, I'm printing out the specific prayer request and taping it on the page. I will also note the names of family members so I can lift them up as well. And any time, someone sends me an update, I'll note that in the book, too.

Thank you from our hearts for sharing your heartaches and burdens with us. We WILL pray for you and your loved ones!


  1. Mother's Day-a day that should be so special, filled with love of a child honoring their Mother, but when that BOND between Mother and child is truly BROKEN-Mother's Day is guaranteed to be a day of deep heart-ache, tears, and unanswered questions as to WHY? Please pray for me, a Mother whose BOND has been broken and has a Long road ahead for healing of the heart. God Bless all Mothers.

  2. Yes I will pray for you and ask God to give you extra strength, peace and comfort this Sunday. When that bond between mother and child is shattered and broken, days like Mother's Day bring no joy, only deep sadness and pain. Just know that you are not alone. You are NEVER alone.

    With love and prayers,

  3. Thank you Sheryl for the prayers that WILL give me strength to keep giving this to GOD.
    May the Lord continue this special ministry He has brought you to.