Special Requests

Sometimes I receive requests for other kinds of prayers, and I'd like to place them on this page. I will pray for EVERYONE who asks. Please e-mail your petitions, friends.

In His Love,

Rainell, February 6, 2019
Please pray for my son. He is involved in self destructive behavior and I worry about him! He is a good person but doesn’t make good choices. I want him to be proud of himself and I want him to be happy. Signed, a concerned mom

Debra, December 9, 2018
I need prayer for endurance and joy this Christmas.....

Katharine, December 5, 2018
My missing, very troubled 13-year-old granddaughter, Candice

Luckie, June 17, 2018
Please, could you pray for my mother-in-law's son to come home? He left home last year and got married without his parents there. Now he has a baby, and his mum hasn’t seen her grandchild and it’s been 10 days. Please, I hope he comes to his senses and comes home and introduces us to his baby. His mum hasn’t seen or spoken to him for 11 months now. 

Wanda, April 30, 2018
My daughter is 41 years old. We had a argument on what to get my grandchild who is 13 years old.......I sent her a text today telling her that the rosebush she gave me bloomed ... She won't respond. She has caused me to have a lot of anxieties, but I'm dealing with them.

Georgeana, January 14, 2018
Father God, I come to you, Lord, asking for forgiveness for all I have done. Father God, I ask you that heal my friendship and heal his body. Father God, I ask special prayers for (special friend) to realize how much I cherish him and his friendship. Father God, I ask that our communication starts new. I pray we talk today and he forgives me for all I have done. I love him, Father God. Hear my prayers.

Wendy, November 15, 2017 
I have only one grandson, and I love him dearly. All his life, all he has ever wanted to do was join the Marine Corps. He wrote all his tests and got really high marks. His next trip to the recruiting center was to do his oath – he backed out saying he was sick but it was found out later that his current girlfriend is putting pressure on him to just get a job and stay around our rural town... He has estranged himself from all the family. I don’t know how to pray for him. I want God to lead in his life and open his eyes to what his future could be. Please pray for him, and please pray for his grandfather and me as we seek God’s will in his life. Thank you.

Amy, September 10, 2017
I have a 19-year-old son who is trying to find his way to adulthood, and is emotionally and spiritually lost. He smokes a lot of pot and I think he is using illegal narcotics, such as Xanax pills. I raised him the best that I could and he did a complete 360 after he graduated from high school. He is now living with roommates and I can tell he is very unhappy. I just want the best for him. All I can do is pray for him because everything I try to do for him no longer works or is not wanted on his behalf. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen. Thanks again. I do have faith, and that's all I have and I do believe one day there will be sunshine!

Markita, August 14, 2017
My three daughters....please lift them up in prayer. We are up against generational curses. I am divorcing my husband, and they all hate me. Lord, I made a mistake and ended my marriage but God can and will restore everything the locusts have eaten. Pray my husband can forgive me and we can be loving friends and co-parents. I claim it all in Jesus Christ name, Amen. 

Elisa, June 20, 2017
My daughter is 40 years old and she has been living with her boyfriend for about 11 years....It's been a long road for her and she is still with him....This is the third time that my daughter has stopped talking to me for no reason....My concern is that she is not in a stable environment. And it makes this situation more difficult to deal with not knowing if she's ok. I love her and I pray for her constantly. I ask for your prayers for her that God would set her free mentally and physically and that I could see her and talk to her soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Nancy, February 26, 2017
... I simply ask that you pray for the relationship between my daughter and myself, and that she may see the light of her future.  ... God, help her realize all she needs is always there, thanks to you. And what she wants is up to her. And help me realize the difference between the two. Amen.

Shirley, February 11, 2017
Please prayer for my son and ex husband to get back together and for the one that caused separation to leave my family alone. 
Brandy, February 3, 2017

Please pray for my estranged daughter ... and my soon-to-be sin- laden ex husband... And me as well as my two sons .... Please let God deliver us to a better life, to escape his torturous tactics.

Stephanie, December 19, 2016
My son...misses his dad. He is only three years old, and it breaks my heart when he comes to me and says, "Mama, I miss my dad."  ...I really want his dad to come back in his life, and I ask that anything or anybody that is blocking or encouraging [my son's father] to be out of his son's life be removed, and that my son and his dad be reunited. I would also like to receive prayers as a single mother of four. With no help, it's hard and a struggle. I pray to receive some blessing my way. Thank you so much. 

Robbie, November 8, 2016
...I had the same strife in my relationship with my wife as in the Fireproof movie. We have a daughter together, and we had arguments at times, and I didn't respect her anymore because her being mean and grumpy at times...Please pray for us....

Khathu, November 6, 2016
Kindly pray for me to get married to the father of my son.

Anita, October, 26, 2016
I have a son who is 27. I don't know what's wrong with him. He may be bi-polar. He is angry and bitter and very mean and abusive. He has three kids and a wife. She can hardly take it, but she loves him. I have been praying, and I see some changes, but he always goes back. He needs God to save him and deliver him from whatever mental thing he is going through. We need a miracle now. He needs to be able to forgive people and let it go. That has caused a lot of bitterness. Please pray for him to be delivered and saved and that God fills his heart with love and forgiveness, that he would be a caring and loving husband and father. Thank you.

Marva, September 19, 2016
I'm really in need of prayer for me and my family. I'm in need of God's divine intervention for restoration of my family and reconciliation of my marriage. My relationship with my oldest daughter is in a bad place at this time. I need complete healing.

Mary, September 19, 2016
Asking for prayer for relationship reconciliation for my DAUGHTER and her husband.

Linda, July 28, 2016
Please pray for my son and his step-dad. They have not spoken for a few months. My son is very angry at his step-dad. My opinion is that they are both wrong. His step-dad tried to apologize, but my son won't forgive. My heart hurts. I need God to intervene.

D., July 23, 2016
My son's name is Daniel. He was born in a nice, loving house, but when he was three, his father abandoned us. It has been a long journey for him. He used to cried so hard. Now he is eight years old, and he still cries. I need healing in his heart and that the Lord make a miracle in his life. I only have one son. I need the Lord to hear my cries to help me with my son. He tells me, Mom, I love my dad so much. That is good, but I need healing peace in this little boy. Thank you. Amen.

Scott, March 9, 2016
I need a cosigner, and my daughter...is the only one. But her boyfriend is saying, if you do this, I won't marry you. He barely works, she pays everything....Please a prayer for receiving help from my daughter.

Marie, February 25, 2016
I have a stressful custody battle, and my ex is trying to get full custody. I am praying he softens his heart so we can work things out in a different way. My life would be empty without my little girl. I love her so much, and she loves her mummy so much, too.

Rebecka, December 16, 2015
My dad and my sister haven't spoke to each other for seven months, and it's breaking our family bond. He says that she cannot enter his house anymore, and she is not welcome for the holidays. I pray that my sister will apologize and that my father will forgive her and let her spend the holidays with us. ... All I want is God to send a kind heart to my sister and dad so they can speak again and love each other with no issues... I just want a great holiday. It's not to much to ask.

T.M., November 26, 2015
I have been married for 23 years, and my husband has been very controlling and violent, especially verbal. My son has been seeing and hearing his father speak and act this way for years. We go to church, but my son refuses to go now. He has no faith in God at all. He doesn't believe anymore. He seen me for years crying to God for a change and nothing has changed....My son has been disrespectful towards me, and I feel so lonely. Please help me pray for him!

Reply from Sheryl: T, you must separate from your husband for your safety! God never condones violence and physical abuse of any kind in any relationship. Seek help from family and friends, and GET OUT!

Sue, October 13, 2015
Please pray my 19-year-old daughter will soften her heart for me and want move out until after she turns at least 21. I'm not sure I'll even be ready for her to then. I'm a single mom, and she has severe peanut allergy. She even had a reaction last year at collage. I've had to homeschool her from K-5 because it's so bad she could die from it. Now she met a friend that's influencing her to move out with her. ...I'm not ready to let her go. I just need more time and I need my loving child back before this girl came into her life. Please, I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

Nana, Sept. 22, 2015
I beg you and your pray group to pray for our family to heal and forgive each other. We want our family to be unite and hearts be filled with love, soften and accepting of each other. Our daughter has a new baby and she stopped talking to us about three years back. Last year our 39-year-old stopped talking to us and her siblings. She has stopped her husband and children from talking to us after she had issues with her in laws and not with us. We were not abusive parents. They did not come from a divorced home. We are not alcoholic or drug abusers. Our children were loved and we miss the our children and grandchildren.

Lisa, Sept. 21, 2015
Please pray for me and my husband to have forgiveness in our marriage, our life and my family and that we all can have peace, joy, and happiness in all our lives. Please pray that some relatives stop all their drama. Please pray for my husband to get a different job with better pay, insurance and every weekend off. Please pray for us move out of state into a better state and neighborhood.

Lori, Sept. 7, 2015
Please pray for this marriage. My son is on treatment for addiction to drugs, and my daughter-in-law has put up with a lot. I would like to see this marriage in recovery and that they will overcome this abuse and be stronger as a couple. They have a child. Let them become the family that God intends them to be. Thank you.

Veronica, August 5, 2015
Please pray for my daughter who seems to be confused about her sexual preference... She is very influenced by others now and seems to be vulnerable. College life isn't helping. I've been worried about her and feeling depressed. Please pray that she finds good friends at her new college and that God direct her in the right path.

Robin, July 28, 2015
...my issue is with a granddaughter who won't speak to me because I didn't visit or call her for six months. She is 13 and been through a lot with her mom (my daughter) and now with new step-mom.....

Thelma, June 28, 2015
My son told me he lost all respect for me... because I drink. My husband he's always telling me that he hates me, and I ruin his life. I know he loves me but when he drinks he says the meanest things ever. I just want my relationship with both to get better.

Edmund, June 21, 2015
Please pray for:
* Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ.
* Church in the U.S.A. Matt. 3:12
* Stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife, our daughter, and our two sons. "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15
* God's will and wisdom for me and my family....
* God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. One of my bosses is unjust, unkind to me.

Thank you.

Rebecca, April 11, 2015
I really enjoyed your site and was blessed by it. So I need prayer for my youngest son, whom I haven't seen in 10 years, and my grandson, who is 12 years old. His wife is causing this situation....Please pray that the Lord will bring all of this to a good ending. What hurts me so bad is my grandson. I love him dearly. I have prayed and prayed for 10 to 12 years. I am tired and getting older. I'm afraid. I want see my grandson before the Lord takes me to be with Him in heaven.

Michelle, April 6, 2015
I have chronic stomach problems from psychiatry and medicine. ...

Teresa, April 2, 2015
Prayer needed urgently for nephew that lost joint custody due to his ex wife bringing fault charges against him and his new wife. ...Both child and father are so heartbroken because they can't see or be with either each other. ....

Mary, March 25, 2015
Our son made a poor choice about a year ago and got into trouble with the law. ...He is attending school in Arizona and has been doing well. I am writing to you to please pray that our son is strong and confident in his choices and is surrounded with other people who can help confirm and strengthen our son. I am asking for your prayers because when he got into trouble he was hanging with friends who were not good influences. ...Pray that these friends will stay away but most importantly that he gains the strength and confidence to close the door to these friends and move forward...

Michelle, March 22, 2015
Please pray for my son and I to have a closer relationship. His mother-in-law has completely taken him from me, and I am very heartbroken.

George, February 7, 2015
My wife left me and my 13-year-old son...due to some misunderstanding/arrogance and pride and is staying abroad for the past two years. I had tried for reconciliation and reunion through many sources.
Please pray for speedy divine intervention in my life so that people around me may see miracles in my life and praise God. Please pray for filling our lives with the power of the Holy Spirit and our marrage be rebuilt/reunited in Jesus name. Please pray in a special way for healing for my son.... Please pray for peace in our hearts and in our home through Jesus Christ. Amen. Jesus I trust in thee. Hoping answer for my sufferings with your special prayer support.

January 26, 2015
A special prayer request placed here by Sheryl S-R on behalf of Keith and his family. May God bless, protect, lead, and strengthen this hurting husband and father who wants to do His will but struggles. He is not alone. We all struggle and have struggled in our pasts. Please lift him up in prayer as he moves forward in his life.

Sue, November 30, 2014
Please pray for our family. Our eldest daughter is upset with the family. It boils down to money and fairness... Please pray for us. I ask for guidance and wisdom as we try to deal with this stressful situation.

Lori, September 17, 2014
My daughter-in-law is very angry with us..... She won't respond to my calls or texts. She is due to have a baby in one month. I'm afraid I'll never see her. Please pray for her heart to forgive us.

Sheryl, July 7, 2014
Please pray for my family, my daughter, and her husband. We are all going through a difficult time, a journey that I thought none of us whatever have to encounter. We lost our baby....to SIDS. I am the grandma...Please pray for my daughter ... and her husband... This baby boy was their first and our first grandchild so it's very difficult to understand why this happened. ...I am requesting prayers for my daughter and her husband to be strong and hopefully God will plant another seed. Thank you.

Unspoken, July 2, 2014

Felisha, June 29, 2014
....Please pray for my son and his kids....

Nicolette, May 30, 2014
Please pray for me and my daughter (age 16) our relationship is struggling.... Though I love her no matter what, we're on again off again as far as our relationship. She's even struggling in school. I know in my heart that she's in God's hands because I gave her back to God when she was a baby.

Maryann, May 26, 2014
Please pray for my son Chris. Over the past 10 to 12 years, my husband and I have been struggling with his addiction (a family disease). This struggle has caused a very deep feeling of anger, hurt and hatred that Chris feels toward his dad. ... I KNOW that my God can and will move in a mighty way in their relationship, so please intercede on their behalf to our Lord, that He will work in ways we could not have thought of on our own, and that the enemy who is so bent on trying to kill and destroy our family will not prevail.

Margaret, April 13, 2014
Please pray for my son Chris that he does not go to jail and that he stays out of jail. That he is healed mentally and physically and that the bonds of addiction are broken.

Runumi, November 8, 2013
My husband...left us and stays separately but comes sometimes to see our daughters. ...But I am not able to act like him and I still pray that he comes back to us and we are waiting with high hope with faith in God. I keep on praying incessantly to keep him well, that he understands, realizes and comes to us....I am suffering a lot and so are my small daughters. Please, please pray that God brings changes in his heart and unites us. 

Janet, October 8, 2013
Please pray for my niece and her two-year-old son. She is not born again, and her son has been dedicated to the Lord and has been attended church for the past two years. She does not show much interest in him...so I as auntie fill the gap. For the past two weeks, we have been arguing, and she has told me that I will not see him. She does not like church and will not take my nephew. The enemy is coming agonist me through my niece and nephew. But more importantly, this mother needs to be bond with her son.

Lora, July 22, 2013
I have a 21-year-old son, who had a son when he was 17. My grandson lives with his mother's parents (3 hours away from us) while she attends college. My son has his son every other weekend and any other time we are able to get him. But sometimes my grandson gets angry and will not mind my son. He back talks and is very rude to him. My grandson has anger built up against my son, who does not know how to handle this. Of course, this breaks my heart, and I really do not know what to do about it, and I know my son is lost on what to do. Please pray for us all...pray that the Lord will lead and guide us on how to deal with this and pray for comfort and healing for both of them. Thank you.

Lee, July 8, 2013
I continue to seek prayer regarding my marriage. My husband was heavily on drugs and committed adultery against me in 2011 and had a child with the woman, who was young and on drugs, too. But the Lord told me to stand for my marriage. However, it still hurt me, and forgiveness is sometime hard to maintain. My husband is now incarcerated, and I have not seen or heard from the woman. While this is my prayer, I know one day he will need to talk because of the child. Please pray that I will allow healing and forgiveness to take place in my heart and continue to move forward with my marriage as God sees fit.

Jean, May 5, 2013
My son was raised in a religious environment. I have worked in religious education and as a chaplain. But my son does not believe in God. Right now he has a job he hates...He is feeling like life is not worth living. I have realized that I don't know how to help someone who doesn't believe in God and has no hope. My own body is racked with anxiety and fear that he will harm himself. Please help. Please pray for him. Thank you, Jean

Jessica, March 14, 2013
Please pray for my 17-year-old daughter who left home. We haven't heard from her at all and have no idea where she is at. I just want her safe and I want my daughter back home with our family, where she belongs. Thank you.

Antonoinette, March 9, 2013
I ask you in God's name to flood the heavens with prayers. I am so desperate. My children are grieving their father, who died in Nov 2012. Since then, my sons and daughter are not talking....Please pray for some resolution.

Peggy, February 24, 2013
My precious 16-year-old son died on Jan. 9th. I prayed and prayed that God would heal him, but God did not. We had him on every prayer list in the USA. He had a seizure that he didn't come out of. He died in the children's hospital of Buffalo. I hurt and feel so lost. I need God to give me beauty in this trauma. I loved that child with all my heart, and my other seven kids are suffering.

Arleen, November 28, 2012
Please pray for me. I'm deeply depressed due to death of my youngest child, Ashley. She was 21 years old and in her second year in college. A wonderful, beautiful child,inside and out. She died of a sudden heart attack on June 24, 2012. The last time saw her beautiful eyes was the evening before, June 23rd (she did not pass at home)....A mother's pain of losing one of their children has to be one of the greatest pains, a pain that I would not want to wish on anyone in the world.

Jess, November 27, 2012
I recently met my paternal half sister in February... Our communication was of daily texting... Things from there on changed between the both of us. My sister suddenly stopped talking and said that our personalities did not match and ever since then I've been hurt... I'm not giving up but at times I feel I've lost her. I had been praying for her for over 10 years until I found her. .... I can't seem to let go and move on as I got so attached to my sister, but I need healing. I cry daily and just need more people to pray for me. I need to surrender and just be strong.

David, November 15, 2012
Please pray for me in a very special way that I currently facing a broken relationship with my best friend. Please do pray that God in His divine love grant me and my friend healing so that we will built a good relationship and friendship again.

Jennifer, October 25, 2012
I don't want to hurt anyone, yet I have caused deep hurts and hatred that I never intended to. I love so many people, yet I let things spin out of control during a crisis. I lost my composure, didn't know how to handle the situation. I need forgiveness for my insanity/absurdity. I was dealing with many personal/family/depression problems of my own. No one knew. I am so sorry. I have tried to reach out, but things will never be the same...

Brenda, October 17, 2012
Please pray for me and our daughter, Shelia. She has bi-polar and is estranged from us. She acted out at Christmas, packed up our two grandbabies, and we have not seen nor heard from her since. It's so sad. Her sister is planning a wedding, and Shelia wants no part of it. Also, please pray for my heart to be softened because I am so angry, too.

Jan, September 19, 2012
My 26-year-old son is in serious trouble due to his drinking. Pray God works a miracle in his life. I'm heartsick with worry. I feel hopeless. Please pray for us. He is an intelligent, funny young man who is so troubled with alcohol. I love him so much. Thank you.

Jannie, August 27, 2012
I have been separated since June 28. I do not want a divorce. My husband keeps going back and forth if he wants one or not. I want prayer for my marriage. I want it to work. I want us back together. I miss my and love my husband very much. Also please pray for me I cry all the time. I try not to cry in front of our 15-year-old son. So far he seem unaffected by all this. Please pray for him also.

Patricia, August 24, 2012
Please pray for GOD to transform me into a loving and caring woman. I am having trouble with my husband's kids from other marriage and his ex-wife. I need the Lord to heal me.

Darren, August 6, 2012
My wife and I are at the end of our marriage. She wants out and I've been trying to save this marriage.... Anyway it's my six year old daughter that I am worried for. I hope and pray that our Lord Jesus will spare her from the hurt and pain. She's the most wonderful gift our Lord has given me. I don't know what to pray for myself anymore. I know our Lord is there and loves me but I feel so disappointed.

Florette, August 2, 2012
Please pray for my son who is 14 years old and is disobedient and does not listen when talked to. Even at school he disturbs and pick up fights with others and also very lazy and sometimes aggressive. When we talk to him, he says yes he will change but the minute you turn your back, everything is the same. I'm so sad and depressed to see him like this. But one thing he is very kind-hearted; he likes to share.

Alisa, July 20, 2012
Please pray for a fractured family I know, that they may all find God. Their mother ran off ...five years ago. Since then there has very little true or good communication between her and her daughters and her husband. There is so much anger and mistrust. The husband and wife are not yet divorced as it appears she blocks it at every turn....

Iris, July 17, 2012
Please pray for my son. He is separated from his wife and he is very depressed and hurting a lot. He is a wonderful son and father. I want to see him healed. He tried to kill himself twice. Please pray for him so he can see the light of God because. He is the only one who can heal him.

UPDATE from Iris, August 9, 2012: I just want to tell you that my son is doing a little better. I know that with God's help, he is going to make it. He still needs guidance. It is hard for him to let go of his family but I have faith in the Lord above that everything is going to be OK. Please pray for him and thank you for your time.

UPDATE from Iris, April 1, 2013: I want to thank you for your prayers. My son is a new man. He has changed his ways. He is in church and very devoted and I am so proud of him. I thank our Lord for his transformation.

Maribeth, June 30, 2012
Please pray for reconciliation for me and my sister who have always been close but recently have had a falling out. And please pray for my mother who lost the love of her life (my dad) two years ago and is struggling to deal with her grief and depression. Please also pray for one of my sisters who is often angry and never at peace with her family.

Sandra, April 29, 2012
Please pray for me. I have had a mysterious illness that has taken away every aspect of my life for some years now. What is frustrating is that I have seen at least 18 different doctors. All of them have no idea what is ailing me, but I trust the Lord will intervene.

Roxanne, March 8, 2012
Please add my friend, Roxanne, whose motherdisappeared a few days before Christmas when she was 11. She has always believed her mother abandoned her and her siblings. ...she just found out her mother was murdered by her step-father, who just passed away. Please pray for her–for truth behind this all to be expoused and for healing and then finally closure.

Kimberlea T., January 2, 2012
Please pray that God gives me the strength to let go and stop being in a toxic relationship...

Cherris C., November 30, 2011
Today I had to turn my disabled adult grandson over to the person I feel adult is abusing him. Please pray that the adult protective services will do a complete, thorough and truthful investigation very soon.

Sophie A., May 2, 2011

A prayer request from Velma T....
Our great-granddaughter, Sophie Abbott–who will be 5 months old on May 12–is going through a lot of testing because her doctor found her liver to be enlarged last Tuesday on her regular checkup/shot time. Since then, it has been ultrasound, CT scan, blood work, biopsy, removal of smallest tumor, took some marrow from her hips, hospital stay and today they are to do an MRI because of the tumors found near her lung, tummy area, on her hip plus in her liver. They are saying it is Neuroblastoma, but the test results are not back yet. This beautiful baby girl acts/looks the picture of health so she is her usual smiling, glowing, happy self. They said that the survival rate in children under one is 90 percent. They are talking of treatment being chemo to shrink the tumors. Please pray for Sophie to be healed and that this MRI shows nothing abnormal, no spreading of this disease, so she can have a "normal" happy life. Please pray for her parents, Jennifer and Chris, and nearly 5-year-old sister, Claire, too, as this is the worst thing ever to happen to their young family or our family. Thanks. We really appreciate your prayers.
nana to Sophie

Velma also sent a video of little Sophie. She is PRECIOUS!! We're praying, Velma! Love, sheryl

Sheryl, just a note to let you know Sophie and her family were here for Christmas along with many of our family. (Our grandson was deployed to Afghanistan early Dec. so please pray for his safe return.) Wanted to tell you Sophie is doing well, walking/talking/up-down steps at barely one year without any difficulty that we or the doctors see and she looks sooooo healthy plus she wants to ring the doorbell and sit on the bottom level of her sister's Barbie Dream Townhouse which is not okay with Claire. She is also very smart so their thoughts that she would be late in accomplishing the normal didn't come to be instead she is ahead of schedule. Thought you would want to know. We are so very THANKFUL FOR PRAYERS ANSWERED. THANK YOU JESUS.

Sophie just went through another round of tests that they are doing every three months. She looks good, acts great though she did keep a cold for a rather long time. They said that it looked like if anything the tumors had shrunk even more and no lighting up BUT there is a nodule on her liver that they will have to keep an eye on though they don't believe it to be be the cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. Also my 37 year old grandson is having a tumor removed from his throat soon that they said they don't believe it is cancer but will need to send it to be checked. Please pray for that to be nothing to be concerned about. His youngest child is nearly three. Our grandson in Afghanistan is fine at this time but would appreciate prayers for his safe return home. Dangerous job.

Sophie and big sis Claire, May 2012
Just a note to let you know that at a little past 19 months our great-granddaughter Sophie is doing well. She just completed another round of the scans/MRI. The doctors say the prognosis is good and each time what is there is even smaller. She has beautiful pale blonde hair like her mother's at that age though more than her mother had. She is catching up on vaccinations that she had to skip because of the chemo and is to do another set of tests in three months but her mother said she thinks she then goes to every six months. She does hang onto colds etc. a little longer because she is still building up her immunities but we believe she is HEALED BY THE MANY ANSWERED PRAYERS SAID FOR HER. THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE PRAYERS.