Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas can hurt

It's a difficult time of year, these Christmas days. Yes, my son and I have reunited, and we share a close relationship now. But I won't see him Christmas. It's for a good reason, though–because he's forging his own life! 

Sadly, estrangement within families seems to be very common nowadays. Talk to anyone, and they'll mention s0-and-so who hasn't called or visited in years. Or maybe bonds have been severed for deeper reasons. It doesn't matter–the hurt's just the same. Even now, I deal with it, too, but with a different family member (not my children). This person treats me like I'm dead. I've just had to let go and let God. I can't fix the broken bond, though I've tried. So has my mother. It saddens me because life is so very short. We're here for just a short time. And even that's iffy....any day can be our last. All I can do is keep praying and ask God to heal the relationship in His time. 

If you've found your way to this blog because of separation and pain within your own life, please know that you are not alone. Even though Christmas is "suppose" to be that JOYOUS time of year, it's just not. My heart goes out to you, friend. Please e-mail me if you need someone to share with. Wherever and whoever you are, I've asked God to bless and strengthen you as you read this post.

In His Love,