Monday, February 14, 2011

Hurt-filled days

I just received an e-mail from Geri V., a hurting woman who recently lost her infant granddaughter, Rebecca Jane, to SIDS. Her words brought tears to my eyes and heart. "I feel broken," she wrote. "But worst of all, I feel alone and forgotten by God." 

If only I could hug her! If only I could say the right words and help her feel better! If only I could give Geri a tiny bit of hope and some joy as well! But I can't. I can't do a thing for Geri. Except lift her up high in prayer and keep praying for her. Keep asking, begging, God to give her comfort, strength, peace, reassurance. And ministering angels. Please, God, place a multitude of ministering angels around Geri and her hurting family! A beautiful, precious bond within their circle of love has been broken, never to be restored here on earth. Please please please touch this family with Your divine love and let them know somehow, in some way, that little Rebecca Jane waits for them just past the thin veil that separates us from heaven. And You. 

"Even in darkness and deep deep despair, God is beside you," I wrote Geri. "You may let go of Him, but He won't let you of YOU." Such trite, minuscule words for such a devastating loss! But they are offered from a heart who wants so much to help.....

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