Uplifting articles in Guideposts and Angels magazines written by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers....

Bull Dog's Heart, Guideposts, July 2013.
   An animal lover is taught a lesson in forgiveness by a junk yard dog.

Forgiveness in the Family, Guideposts, June 2013.
   Sheryl wanted her son's marriage to be better than hers....

A Heavenly Boost from a Heavenly Advisor, Angels, Jul/Aug 2012
   A single mom with limited prospects receives some life-changing guidance from above.

Bringing Joy to Special Children, Guideposts, May 2012.
   Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio proves to be a blessing to kids who are too often left out.

Christmas Eve Prayer, Guideposts, December 2010
   Amid the pain of an impending divorce, Sheryl forces herself to go to church the day before Christmas.

A Mother's Thankful Prayers, Guideposts, November 2010
   Sheryl and her son, Patrick, find their way back together after being estranged for more than two years.

Prime Cut, Guideposts, June 2010
   How Sheryl met her husband, James Hearn, in a grocery store parking lot.