Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finding someone who understands

Separation hurts. Especially when the other person treats you like you're dead. And what can you do? Nothing. Except pray. And find someone else who understands your pain and heartache truly.

Earlier this week, Jackie, a hurting mom, emailed and asked that I post a helpful link on Broken Bonds Healing Hearts.

"I think I found the site through you to begin with," she wrote. "In reading your Prayer wall, my heart ached for so many who have posted prayers requests. This is a great way to have others in prayer for each other. But honestly, I have found through this site on DailyStrength, that when I need support right now, it's there."

"People pray for each other openly, and there is an exchange that is unparalleled by anything else that I have found in this horrible nightmare," Jackie wrote. "Everyone feels alone and needs someone to understand. Feedback is really all I have found that has helped me, as well as prayers, yes. But feedback is the one thing that keeps us all going." 

"Please post this link for all and make it visible on your home page so it doesn't get buried in a thread. It is so vital. People are hurting, and I really felt I needed to let you know that partnering with this site could bring relief to so many. It is a Christian site, and the only real one that is monitored continually for content and remains free of so many pitfalls of other (feedback) support sites."

Thank you, Jackie, for taking the time to share and point other hurting parents to this DailyStrength site called Christian Parents of Estranged Adult Children

DailyStrength has a second site, too, called Parents of Estranged Adult Children Everywhere

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