Thursday, February 7, 2019


I'm still here, listening and praying for those who've sent requests. I'm just not posting much at all. 

Just now, I ran across a blog that has a LOT of helpful information–Estrangements.

Shut out from your grandchildren? (We have that in our family.) This website addresses that pain: Grandparents Denied Access
I haven't read this book, but it looks good....


  1. Hi Sheryl. I've followed you since 2011/12 or so. We've exchanged emails under a different address I had then. I'm wondering if your Son is still in your life, grandchildren? I am experiencing such a lack of understanding and empathy in this journey of horror. I've literally had to quit good jobs due to severe bullying once I let my guard down and admit my Son is not in my life. He's been gone since 2012, it started 2 years before that, but completely in 2012. I've only seen him 1 time since, at his Grandfathers funeral. Now and then He will email me, maybe about every 2 years. And berate me and make unreasonable demands. Since 2012 - I now have 3 Grandchildren, Whom I've never met, they are 2 girls and 1 boy. I have found out in round about ways , that they exist. I have pictures of only the first year, of my eldest Granddaughter who now just turned 6 , a very early picture of the second girl, and nothing of my Grandson. . . So Sheryl , please don't tell me to be happy. I don't understand this, and Im losing all hope that I ever had. I'm lost and I want to die( I don't believe in suicide, so please don't worry) I just keep wanting to die of something, anything. I cant make friends because once they know , its over. They have no respect for me. Because I don't know why this is happening. My Son is not on drugs or vagrant. He's actually a very upstanding humanitarian in a community 10 miles away. I don't know what to do, have no support system and am tired of being treated like Trash of the Earth. What is there. What ?

  2. Can you email me? I'm at the same address. Please do.........

  3. I keep thinking of you and hoping you'll email me. In the meantime, please find the inner strength that I KNOW you have within yourself. You may not know your grandchildren now, but what about down the road when they grow up? When they can make the choice themselves of being in your life? I pray you get to know them LONG before that, but think of the legacy you want to give them as a woman. Right now, I'm reading Joyce Meyer's "Healing the Soul of a Woman." It's really good and reminds me that I am a BELOVED daughter of God. YOU are God's beloved! Don't let your son define who you are. Don't give him that power over you. God has a purpose for your life!

    Could you trying listening to contemporary Christian music? I love so many of the lyrics I hear on KLOVE.
    Sometimes, when my husband's not around, I turn up the volume and SING/DANCE along. (Try not to imagine that, not a pretty picture.)

    Could you reach out to a lonely senior at a nearby nursing home? Make a connection that focuses on the other person? That's helped me so many times in my life–boosting someone who has no family or friends.

    You asked about my son. He went through a divorce in 2015 and remarried in 2018. He is busy with his professional and personal life so we're rarely in touch. I have my own life. That's just the way it is.

    What is there? YOU! YOU matter! You do!!!!!!!!!!!